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API Intelligence - API intelligent protection engine

Deal with vulnerability attacks, hacking, data leakage, and account abuse calmly.

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AISecOps adaptive
safe operation system

Key links of network security risk control attack and defense confrontation such as prevention, detection and response.

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Mystery Intranet Spoofing
Defense System

Protect the enterprise assets, and set aside enough time for security personnel to adjust security policy.

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Automatic Security 
Assessment System

Automatically and accurately discover potential vulnerabilities and effectively deal with existing security risks.

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Intelligent Vulnerability
Discovery System

Help customers fully discover software security issues and avoid losses.

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Top API security support

Secure and Robust API SDLC

Build a data-driven, highly automated and trusted API development process, and provide API-specific security testing for DevOps that integrates into the tools your team is already using.

Faster Incident MTTR

Detect and remediate API security incidents faster to shorten exposure windows and improve operational efficiencies. Realize security intelligence including perception, recognition, decision-making and action, assist or even replace manual operations to complete security operation services in a dynamic environment,Detect and remediate API security incidents faster to shorten exposure windows and improve operational efficiencies.

Intelligent identification of API attacks

Detect ongoing API intrusion based on vulnerability library and algorithm engine to achieve a more secure business and avoid Sniffing, fraud and business logic abuse.

Proactive Remediation of API Misconfigurations

Automatic identification and and aggregation of enterprise API by applying cloud native collection, gateway, and traffic analysis to identify API risks and provide repair suggestions during management and configuration.

Complete, Real-Time Inventory of APIs

Comprehensive discovery of historical legacy API, encryption API, temporary API with full context, including API security control, data classification, Internet connectivity, and more. Support API automatic aggregation, classification management, and multi-dimensional asset portrait.

Comprehensive API security management

Provide intelligent management of the whole life cycle of API design, development, testing, deployment, integration, management, O&M, and offline. Help enterprises gain insight into operation status and further optimize the process to improve business value.


Provide professional customized solutions

Enterprise DevOps API Security Protection API Intelligent Middle Platform Solution for The Internet Industry Solution for The Financial Industry Solution for The Cross-border E-commerce Industry Solution for Important Activities

Enterprise DevOps API Security Protection

Through adopting machine learning-based data analysis and deep threat detection technology, it can provide comprehensive API asset management and vulnerability scanning, real-time monitoring of API intrusion events and data leakage events, and support localized deployment and cloud environment deployment to escort enterprise API assets and data assets.

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API Intelligent Middle Platform

Based on the three-tier architecture design concept of API decoupling, micro service and capability, it helps enterprises easily and quickly realize the flexible flow and agile integration among data, applications and services, enable enterprise technological innovation and digital transformation, and improve user experience.

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Solution for The Internet Industry

Analyze the access behavior of API through AI technology, find various abnormal access behaviors of API, and provide API management. It includes four modules: API assets management, attack protection, sensitive data control and access behavior control, providing a complete security control scheme for the API interface of Internet enterprises.

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Solution for The Financial Industry

Based on the asset management, risk assessment and threat detection of API, we can accurately identify the abnormal traffic, ensure the security of the business for the financial industry users and build reliable, safe, efficient and flexible financial service delivery network, thus helping financial institutions to improve the competitiveness and the reputation with information technology.

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Solution for The Cross-border E-commerce Industry

Relying on its excellent technical ability, it cooperates with ecological partners to provide professional application solutions for cross-border e-commerce industry. It has the characteristics of flexibility, openness, convenient customization, building block expansion, standardization and lightweight. It provides efficient API security multi-level, all-round and three-dimensional services for cross-border e-commerce, has insight into data security risks and drives safe operation decision-making and landing. With the deepening of digital reform, Xinglan technology will continue to lead with innovation and surpass with technology. With the establishment of a leading API security protection system, Xinglan technology will help our customers achieve more stable digital transformation and more efficient business growth.

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Solution for Important Activities

According to the safety assurance ideas during major activities and different safety needs, customize the matching combination of products and services for enterprises, solve security weaknesses, comprehensively improve the security defense ability of government and enterprise units, effectively deal with the security threats during the re insurance period, and ensure the daily safe operation of business systems.

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