Mystery Intranet Spoofing Defense System

As an important security defense line of network security, we use deception camouflage technology to formulate a deception scheme in line with the current business scenario. By constructing traps on the only way for attackers to confuse their attack targets, we can perceive intranet threats in real time and accurately, trace the source of attackers, protect enterprise assets, and reserve sufficient time for security personnel to adjust security strategies.

Protection scene

Analyzing Unknown Attacks

Rule-based security products cannot detect unknown threats, but the system can detect unknown attacks, allowing enterprises to adjust security policies to reduce security risks.

Intrusion Forensics

Identifying the files and tools uploaded by attackers through the record of attack process and the the characteristics of attack traffic packets, then analyze data threat intelligence resources to trace the source of the attacker.

Malicious Code Detection

Capture network attack traffic and malicious attack codes and identify attackers' intentions by analyzing malicious codes.

Attack & Defense Drill

The system can detect attacks and capture intrusion traffic to facilitate the defense side in red-blue confrontation within the enterprise or a large-scale network protection scenario
Malicious Code Detection.

Product Advantages

Automatic archiving and real-time camouflage

Disguise real business to fool the attacker

Multi-architecture Support & Multi-dimensional In-depth Analysis

Full Traffic Monitoring

Automatic archiving and real-time camouflage

Support multiple network ports, cross-network segment and cross-region deployment. Provide automatic archiving and real-time camouflage to ensure the system attracts attacks and deliver more effective security operation.

Disguise real business to fool the attacker

Apply immersive spoofing trap network, and then record the attack behavior by attracting and enticing attackers to use it illegally, so as to analyze the attacker's attack purpose, attack method and attack tool.

Multi-architecture Support & Multi-dimensional In-depth Analysis

Support Docker architecture and cloud migration of all business. The system can build the trap analysis model through using behavior analysis, association analysis, sandbox analysis, virtual identity analysis and other technologies.

Full Traffic Monitoring

Monitor and detect external attacks, and defend against exceptions and attacks through the situational awareness system and other security management and control systems

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