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Sales Director


Job Responsibilities:

1、Owning sales of the company's products;
2、Develop new markets and new customers to expand our customer base;
3、Building and maintaining customer relationships, analyzing customer needs and looking for project opportunities;
4、Targeted industry (financial field, bank, fund, trust, insurance).

Business manager


Job Responsibilities:

1、Owning input, statistics, management, filing and storage of the company’s sales contracts and other marketing documents.
2、Responsible for quarterly and annual statistical work of various sales indicators and sales expenses;
3、Preparing bidding documents and business documents;
4、Build customer’s payment collection plan and complete the collection on time.

UI Designer


Job Responsibilities:

1、Owning UX/UI design throughout the entire product life cycle, and continuously optimize and improve product experience;
2、Visualization of relevant security data topics, and exploring elegant and reasonable display methods;
3、Participate in user research, product planning and customer communication, analyze the core needs of users through with strong insight ability and participate in product planning and conception;
4、Build the company's design system and the team's innovative products, and the construction and optimization of the design system (design specifications, component library, etc.).

Security R&D Engineer


Job Responsibilities:

1、The development cyberspace search engine project;
2、The tool system research and development of red Team.

Front-end web developer


Job Responsibilities:

1、Maintain host security,network security,big data security,honeypot,scanner,etc.;
2、Design and implement the front page of the products to create industry-leading security products to create industry-leading security products and first-class user experience.

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Company Profile :Since it’s establishment in November 2018, Beijing StarCross Technology Co., Ltd. has take security attack and defense technology as it’s core, data intelligence as the driving network security technology company, has been committed to become a security pioneer driven by data intelligence with cutting-edge security technology and unique product concept. In addition to professional technology, lucrative salary, there is also a group of partners with dreams here in in StarCross, whether you are a graduate, a workplace newbie, or an experienced veteran, you can make a community of like-minded friends, acquire new knowledge and realize your dream here!

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