Intelligent Vulnerability Discovery System

The adaptive system can aromatically discover the vulnerability based on business line scenarios without manual operation, thus helping customers fully discover software security issues and avoid losses.

Protection scene

Multiple Application Scenarios

Security detection on multi-dimensional items such as clients, components, local data, sensitive information, and services

Web Scenarios

Security detection on multi-dimensional projects such as injection, cross-site, unauthorization, CSRF, middleware, transaction avoidance, information leakage, and business


Make security test on service systems by simulating hacker attacks, and discover vulnerabilities that may result to data leakage, asset damage, and data tampering, and provide repair assistance for enterprises.

Industrial Control Security

Provide penetration testing for multiple inspection to deliver industrial control security

Product Advantages

Support Customize Test Cases

Advanced Threat Detection

Support Multi-scene Customization

Attack Source Traceability

Customize Reports

Support Customize Test Cases

Meet diversified detection requirements such as faster detection speed, higher detection rate and popular vulnerabilities detection

Advanced Threat Detection

Connected sandboxes to discover unknown threats through static engines and virtual execution

Support Multi-scene Customization

Multi-scenario customization enables real-time detection of popular attacks such as malicious IP addresses, botnet C&C, and malicious URLS

Attack Source Traceability

Linkage threat intelligence to realize threat analysis and attack evidence collection

Customize Reports

Automatic collection, analysis, reporting ability to deliver accurate identification and global control

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