Automated Security Assessment System

Benefiting from built-in multiple scanning engines, long accumulated high-quality vulnerability library and simulation algorithm high interactive depth analysis page, it can automatically and accurately discover potential vulnerabilities and effectively deal with existing security risks, so as to provide comprehensive ensurance for enterprise assets security.

Protection scene


Automatically discover and analyze the security configuration problems of various types of equipment and systems, reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance, improve the level of operation and maintenance, and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance


Check and verify the vulnerability of network security, reduce the security procurement cost of customers and improve the security reinforcement ability of users


The compliance test of equal and reinsurance covers a variety of templates to improve the accuracy and compliance of inspection results


Support a variety of web application vulnerability monitoring methods, realize rapid and stable scanning of massive pages through innovative technologies, support attack and defense drills and red blue confrontation

Product Advantages

Comprehensive System Vulnerability Detection

Distributed Architecture

Passive Scanning Mode

Flexible Interface

Comprehensive System Vulnerability Detection

Integrated vulnerabilities detection, including operating system vulnerabilities, application system vulnerabilities, weak passwords, database vulnerabilities, and Security Misconfiguration.

Distributed Architecture

Multi-node scanning and dynamic capacity expansion through non-invasive access technology

Passive Scanning Mode

Based on the host, check the system defect property setting, weak passwords and other objects that conflict with security rules in the system.

Flexible Interface

Independent port identification technology to achieve automatic rapid identification and easy access to external tools

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