API Intelligence - API Intelligent Protection Engine

Guard every data exchange in the IT world. Through unified control, risk discovery, and real-time monitoring technology of API Intelligence, the API intelligent protection engine developed by Starcross Technology can automatically analyze and model the behavior patterns of each user, device, and business, so as to deal with vulnerability attacks, hacking, data leakage, and account abuse.


Insecure Paging and Resource Limits

Insecure API Key Production

Unexpected Key Exposure

Exposure to DDoS Attacks

Improper Asset Management

Insufficient Logs and Monitoring


API Abuse Protection

Prevent API from being abused or leveraged.

API Risk Assessment

Make comprehensive discovery of web vulnerabilities, application vulnerabilities, protocol vulnerabilities and data leakage risks in API, and provide repair schemes and improvement insights.

API Asset Management

Provide real time monitoring on API usage and visualized abnormal access.

Prevent Data Leakage

Prevent the exposure of API interface, which enables attackers leverage the API interface to obtain user data in batches and caused data leakage.

Product Advantages

Build API Portrait

Comprehensive & Intelligent Discovery of API

API Omni-channel Awareness

Build API Portrait

Accurately build API “portrait”, which allows quick preview of the API information of each service, including usage, exceptions, and access sources.

Comprehensive & Intelligent Discovery of API

support intelligent and rapid discovery of API and identification.

API Omni-channel Awareness

Provide various SDKs to facilitate integration with various APIs so as to perceive the source environment and user behavior.

Core Technologies

Provide all-round API security threat protection.
Support more than 40 kinds of sensitive data entity recognition of ISO, PI, and PII standards and financial, government, communication industry segmentation criteria. On this basis, real-time alarms for API malicious attacks, data leakage events and credential stuffing attacks.
Quick discovery of all APIs in the business system and automatic generation the API list.

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