Solution for The Financial Industry

Provide high-quality systematic intelligent protection solutions for financial cloud security


Based on the asset management, risk assessment and threat detection of API, we can accurately identify the abnormal traffic, ensure the security of the business for the financial industry users and build reliable, safe, efficient and flexible financial service delivery network, thus helping financial institutions to improve the competitiveness and the reputation with information technology.


Automatic Identification of API Assets

API assets are quickly and automatically identified, sorted and grouped, identified clearly on the discovered API, and life cycle management of API assets is carried out

Dynamic Security for Financial Service Ecological Chain

From the perspective of security defense and business development, API assets are automatically identified, sorted and grouped with full consideration to enhance the value of enterprise security construction

Reverse Detection + Machine learning

We will improve safety technology capabilities, improve safety guarantee mechanisms, and effectively support the operation of safety protection systems

Sensitive Data Control + Access Behavior Control

Through product automation + manual service assistance,Provide instant discovery and complement of enterprise security weakness.

Core Advantages


Technological innovation

Solve all kinds of risks and challenges of API and deliver transparent and accurate security.


Meet the compliance

Provide API assets management and industry regulatory standards


Flexible configuration

Provide flexibility and scalability to ensure cloud security advantages and offer complete security control solution for API interfaces.


Reduce O&M cost

Realize across-the-board API security threat protection to reduce labor costs and release the productivity of security team


7×24 hours service to ensure security

7×24 hours service insurance for financial security, which provide an effective new ecology for the financial industry API security protection.

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