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API Intelligent Middle Office: Build enterprise core competitiveness through business innovation, and create API security ecosystem with loose coupling agile integration.


Apply AI technology to analyze the API access behavior and discover various exception API access behaviors and provide API management, which includes four modules: API assets management, attack defense, sensitive data control and access behavior control, and provides a comprehensive security control solution for Internet enterprise API interfaces.


Risk Identification

Provide intelligent analysis of API access behaviors with AI technology, and discover various abnormal API access behaviors to provide API security management

Risk Analysis

Automatically generate daily risk analysis report, covering risk Overview, trend change, and host risk rating

Risk Treatment

Inform the security personnel of the rectification risks and rectification methods, and assist to configure corresponding Treatment

Rectification & Verification

Display the rectification and new risk in real time, and automatically send the rectification results to related personnel.

Core Advantages


Automatic Identification of API Assets

API assets are quickly and automatically identified, sorted and grouped, identified clearly on the discovered API, and life cycle management of API assets is carried out


Build Accurate API Portraits

Accurately build API portraits and quickly sort out each service API, including usage, exceptions, and access sources


API Omni-channel Awareness

Across-the-board API security threat protection and API exception control


Dynamic Response Protection

Provide dynamic interception based on the analysis results or specified conditions, so as to increase the difficulty of attacks such as reverse detection or machine learning analysis

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