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Our technical team have several years of experience and mater various technologies and products in the field of information security. The founders of StarCross Technology are all masters and PhDs from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Purdue University and so on. With world-class offensive and defensive ability and mature cloud native system technology stack, we are committed to deliver high quality security products and services.

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From the transparent cold winter to the mellow and warm spring, the stars ring the energetic time with the bell of time.
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Corporate Culture

Starcross technology is a young, open, free team company with a group of congenial , experienced guys, who are dreaming to change the world with science and technology partners. Each of them is the future star of the industry. Here, we provide the most free and comfortable working environment that promotes your success.

In order to better pursue our dreams, we provide every little partner with the most free and comfortable working environment.

Flexible working time

do not stick to the 9-5 working hours, skillfully stagger the morning and evening peak, give you free space for the highest creativity


The employees can enjoy additional holidays except for statutory holiday

Free snack

provide lots of organic snacks for health consideration

Free talk

Have a free talk together! There’s a Party every week where you can share your opinion with others

Team bonding

No slogans, no physical exercise, no stereotype. Just enjoy the party together

Powerful hardware

Amazing working environment with high-performance hardware configuration

Development History







Selected into the list of "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing
Selected in the 2022 "initial evaluation of start-up | network security entrepreneurship hot50"
Selected into the list of 11 tracks of "Wangan emerging track and manufacturer's Guide"
Selected into API security segments of panorama of China's network security industry


Completed pre-A + round financing of over 100 million yuan;
Launched API security product “API Intelligence”;
Selected into 11 subdivisions《2021 ROAR TALK Network security industry chain atlas》;
Won “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 in 2021”;
Selected as a member of tenth council of “Beijing Association of Software and Information Services”;
Selected as a member of the "cloud computing standards and open source Promotion Committee";
Selected as a member of the 10th Council of "Beijing software and Information Service Industry Association"
Won the champion of “ISC 2021 Innovative Unicorn Sandbox Competition”


Obtained tens of millions of investment from Seashells Capital;
Won the first prize of ISW Enterprise Intranet Security Attack and Defense War;
Won the second prizeo of 2020 China Electronic “I +” Modern Digital City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition(Suzhou);
2020 Z-Park International Frontier Science and Technology Innovation Competition TOP10;
Won the winner of Youth Innovation - Z-Park U30 2020;
Expanded the international market and participated in the American RSA Conference for the first time;
Won the certificate of high-tech enterprise.


Developed industry-leading intelligent network security solutions;
Received the first round of investment from Mak-er Headquarters and PNP;
Participated in international famous competitions such as Defcon, CTF and achieved excellent results.


Set up the domestic first-class security service team;
Provided several famous customers with security services, including penetration test, attack and defense drill.

Address:6th Floor, Yinke Building, 38 Haidian Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Beijing Starcross Technology Co., LTD. Beijing ICP prepared No.19053406

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