AISecOps Adaptive Safe Operation System

Taking safe operation as the guidance, and the integration of people, process, technology and data as foundation, The system is targeted for key parts of attack-defense and network security risk control including prevention, detection, response, prediction, and restore. Build a data-driven trusted security intelligence technology stack with high automation level and implement perception, cognition, decision making and action, with the aim of assisting or even replacing manual work to complete all kinds of safe operation services in the dynamic environment.

Protection scene

Automatic association of asset data

Based on the comprehensive inventory of host environment assets, continuous risk scanning is carried out, and asset data is automatically associated to provide effective information for the next step of risk processing

Faster, More convenient and Comprehensive Scanning Mechanism

Scan from inside out. We provide enterprise with continuous security by deploying a command with one click.

Discover Risk With White Box View

Establish a white box view from the inside out with extremely low false positive rate and more comprehensive scanning surface.

Comprehensive System Vulnerability Detection

Detect vulnerabilities in IT systems to provide enterprises with a comprehensive view of the risk status and rectify security issues before the attackers discover them.

Product Advantages



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Effective closed loop


Security audit to ensure business R&D efficiency.


Multi-dimensional risk analysis scheme combining active scanning and passive data collection.

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Integrated solutions of various business research and development life cycle.

Effective closed loop

With the security system strategy as the core, continue to expand product boundaries and help the whole business line form an effective closed loop

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