Enterprise DevOps API Security Protection

Enterprise DevOps API Security Protection Solution: In-depth DevOps RESEARCH and development process, reduce the risk in advance, threat alert in the event, and linkage disposal after the event, to protect the life cycle of application security.


Through adopting machine learning-based data analysis and deep threat detection technology, it can provide comprehensive API asset management and vulnerability scanning, real-time monitoring of API intrusion events and data leakage events, and support localized deployment and cloud environment deployment to escort enterprise API assets and data assets.


API Asset Management

Detect high-risk business, sensitive business and low value business to provide a new perspective for business cost optimization and risk control


Realize life cycle management and multi-dimensional monitoring of application service by transforming them into micro-service

Cloud Native

Application-oriented cloud native delivery platform, multi-environment rapid deployment of business and professional API security process monitoring and performance measurement

Core Advantages


Cloud Native API Infrastructure Ecosystem

Build an infrastructure ecosystem that covers the entire API process through the method of underlying infrastructure + upper-layer applications


API-first R&D Philosophy & Shift Left

The API risk discovery capability is left shift to discover API vulnerabilities before release, reducing the cost of vulnerability management and repair


UEBA API Abnormal Behavior Analysis

Establish baselines based on different dimensions, including API, access source, and visitor identity, trace historical behaviors, and detects abnormal access behaviors from multiple accesses

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